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Nice Guys Always Pay?

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“New Man”
  1. a man who rejects sexist attitudes and the traditional male role, especially in the context of domestic responsibilities and childcare.

    I tend to go over things in my head a little too much; for example if a friend wanted to meet at a shopping mall I'd tried to make sure we went on a weekday instead of the weekend. That's because I'm not a big fan of large crowds.

    And that's not the only thing that I get stressed about. What if I was on a date? Who would pay for the food? Do I pay for the food? Or is that unfashionable these days? Maybe we should just split the bill?  That way we're both equals. Though some people can take the whole 50/50 thing a little too far. Just read the Joy Luck Club and you'll understand. I don't even know why I worry too much over this; I've been on exactly ZERO dates.

    I only mention this because I recently had a conversation with another girl I know who admitted something that shocked me to the core (well...not really but I found it mildly interesting). She told me that the only reason she went out on dates with men is so that they would pay for her dinner. She didn't care what they looked like  or what they did for a living; as long as they had enough money to pay the bill they were okay.

    I don't want to give you the wrong impression of this particular girl so I'd like to point out the fact it wasn't as if she traded sex for food; it was strictly about the dinner. All the poor bastard was going to get was an evening of light conversation and some money out of pocket. The next time the guy tried to set up another date he will find that she is no longer interested in continuing the "relationship". Hopefully you won't think too poorly of her.

    She even joined so that she could go on many more dates. Maybe should add a new category for its members; "Just looking for food". My biggest concern is whether this kind of behaviour is not unique to this particular girl and that there are many more women using men as a free meal ticket. What would you call these types of women? The term "Gold Diggers" wouldn't apply because they don't want you for your money. 

    At least when Anna Nicole Smith (R.I.P) got married to that old guy (R.I.P) we knew why she did it (love of course) and somehow that seems nobler than going on "dates"  with men for free food. Maybe it's just me but it seems rude and slightly cruel. To be fair when a man takes a woman out we all know what he's looking for ( of course); it's not exactly a state secret. Of course all I'm looking for is a loving and meaningful relationship.And yes, I'm still very single...just saying..

    The best part of her narrative was when she told me what she managed to get other men to spend (she was bragging a bit by now); $300 on Japanese food; $159 on Mexican; one guy spent $207 at the supermarket. What kind of idiot spends that much money paying for the grocery bills of a girl he had just met? And believe me this girl ain't THAT pretty; she's not Helen of Troy. She would probably be lucky to launch one ship.
    Of course when it comes to behaving stupidly over a girl I'm a repeat offender; and people wonder why I have trust issues. So in the future if I ever go on a date (probably won't) and the moment comes to settle the check, I'm going to be more of a "New Man" and just go Dutch.


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