Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Story About Love

Aside from the school run and my constant procrastination my daily routine consists of watching Youtube videos. I ended up lost down the Youtube rabbit hole and started watching the suggested videos.

This led to GirlfriendsTV which led to What Wegan Did Next which led to Rose Ellen Dix before I finally ended up watching my first Kaelyn and Lucy montage video. So who are Kaelyn and Lucy (a.k.a Luclyn)? They're a long distance lesbian couple living in the US and UK respectively and they have been uploading videos about their relationship for the past few years.

I'm currently one of their over 76k subscribers. I don't exactly fit in their viewer demographic (it's mostly teenage girls). For the record I've never had any problems with anyone's personal preferences, you could tell me that you who have an alien mistress and I couldn't care less (Google Simon Parkes)

I would watch bits and pieces of their videos. I didn't really have a reason to spend 30 mins to watch their videos. Then I watched the “March 2013” video and as usual skipped most of it, but it was the last five minutes that really got my attention. It moved me. That made me go back and watch all their previous videos from start to finish.

Suddenly I was getting really emotional. I'm subscribed to a lot of other Youtubers and I've never felt this way watching other youtube couples; Shay Carl,BFvsGF, Rose and Rosie etc.

I like to think of myself as a reserved person. The strange thing was that I started feeling depressed. Maybe it was their situation; two people in love separated but desperately wanting to be with each other. Or their emotional goodbyes at the end of their trips. I'm sure that had a part to play. On a side note I can no longer listen to “For the first time” without thinking of Luclyn. And I felt this way for quite some time.

And it dawned on me that unlike all the other channels where I watched the videos to pass the time and distract myself; Luclyn vids made me reflect on my own life..and I felt alone. And it made me want to find my own “soul mate”.

There's a tumblr dedicated to all the people that Luclyn have managed to help and there are so many moving testimonials. I know that they made me reflect on my own life. Made me long for someone. Want to write this post. And start blogging again. Maybe in some small way its made me into a better person. At least I hope it made me that way. Only time will tell.

I think the biggest way they helped me was to remind me that love is a beautiful thing and that life is so amazing when you find that special person to share love with.

Thank you Kaelyn and Lucy for sharing this part of your lives with the rest of us. And though I've never met either of you and may never will I think that you're both incredible people; you've managed to help people accept who they are and help people accept others for who they are.

Gawd Bless 'Murica!


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