Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lost and Found

I know, I know; it's been a while (a little over 3 months) since my last post but a lot of things have happened since then:

1) Lost...

A little over two weeks since my last post “No good deed goesunpunished...” my hamster decided to eat her young. Either that or they got “poofed” like in TV show “ The Leftovers”; all I can say for sure is that when I went in to clean the cage, I didn't find them. I'm not really sure why this had happened (maybe stress), a few weeks later she did give birth to four more hamster pups and this time she didn't eat them. Sadly out of the four two later died. But the remaining two are enjoying life with their mum.

2) Found...

Two months ago I adopted two kittens into the family, so now I have four cats in total. The first cat, which I named Lucky I found on the main road just outside the school where I dropped off my nephew. The first thought that came to my mind on seeing a cat on the side of the road was that it might have been roadkill. As I approached the kitten raised its head so I stopped and brought it into the car with me and took it home. And she's been here ever since.

Saying "Hello", sort of

Enjoying a nap

And just a little over a month after Lucky was found another kitten showed up; this time right outside my front door. She wasn't doing too well at first, she was a little skinny and since I didn't have the heart to ignore her I brought her as well. I named her Ollie after Oliver Twist, since he was an orphan as well. While the older cats aren't exactly pleased with the new arrivals, Lucky and Ollie have gotten on very well together; they're practically siblings and can always be found close to each other. A vase did end up getting smashed; blame Lucky for that.

Enjoying the new hamsters as well

Lucky now

Ollie now

3) And then there were Moar...

Just a little over a month after bringing in Ollie a stray cat brought all her newborn kittens into our garden. Apparently she decided our house was a nice place to raise her litter. Well, we didn't exactly have the space (or the patience) to put up with so many cats so we decided to let them stay while we tried to find them a new home. I'm happy to report that we did find them a new home and recently sent them over to their new family.

Out in the garden

Off to their new home :)

That's it for now, as for me I'm planning to start writing again on a regular basis. Unless I get distracted by more critters showing up.



  1. So cute!!! Pets are the best things to have and you have a lot! :) I currently have 3 guinea pigs and we're looking to adopt a puppy pretty soon too Haha. Anyway I remember the first time the hamster I used to have gave birth... she ate her young too! But the next 3 that she gave birth to grew up well.. and we ended up having 17 hamsters! haha

    1. Thanks, I can't imagine having 17 hamsters. 4 is already a handful for me.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that the hamster ate her pups :(! It's always saddening to hear about mother animals who kills her children. This happened recently to the chicks that just hatched in my back yard. They hatched and for some reason, the moms (they're raised by 2 moms) started pecking the chick to death or squish them :I. Hopefully the other two are up and running around.

    The cats are so adorable!!!! I always love cats when they're small because they're a lot more active than when they're older.. Unless I got unlucky and got lazy cats, haha. The calico kitten is the cutest! Hope they will enjoy their new homes~


  3. I've never had hamsters, but I think that would about freak me out. I'm so sorry that happened, but sometimes animals do weird things when they're stressed - other times they have reasons of their own that they fail to tell us about.

    I'm about in that cat situation, a stray we named Minnie is a kitten factory and so there are four cats, three of which are her doing and boy, howdy, are they bad. Unfortunately we can't afford to keep them, so there's a whole no kill shelter thing we're trying to do to get them in the hands of people who can make sure they're taken care of. Although it's necessary, I'm sad to see the buggers go. I'm sure you're feeling that, too!

  4. I've had hamsters, and once they had babies. I've always heard about mommy hamsters eating their pups, but lately it never happened to me.

    About the cats, they all look wonderful, and I'm happy to see what you did for them, even those you couldn't adopt and to which you find a new family! <3 There's a stray cat in my neighborhood since one year, it goes and comes back, and I often find it in my garden, but it isn't one of those cats you could approach easily. There are several people that truly love cats, so I hope they'll end up adopting it eventually!

    1. Where I wrote "lately", I meant "luckily". Sorry for the typo!