Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Brief Introduction

What's a good way to start? I know. Hello. My name is Faiz.

The year was 2010, a younger, skinnier (well..less fat), less jaded me had gotten this crazy idea that maybe I could start blogging and somehow make a living off my writing. So that hasn't quite happened.

I started the very long titled “Ramblings of a Pipe Dreamer” and the first year was very productive. Forty-two posts on various subjects. The next year didn't go so well. Like the Great Depression there was a sudden slump in my productivity. Just four posts for the whole year. And finally in 2012 I started my final post of the year “First of 2012”. And for just over a year my blog has remained dormant. On a permanent hiatus and completely forgotten like that show “Joey”. What/who is “Joey” you might ask yourself. Exactly..

Something happened recently that made me want to continue writing on my blog again (more on that another time). Unfortunately, not only did I forget the password to my blog but the e-mail address that I registered it under had gotten deleted (thank you hotmail) and the hand phone number to reset my password no longer exists after I lost it (thank you Faiz).

So here is the new and improved and equally long titled “Ramblings of a Beardyman”. This blog is no longer about getting a career. This blog is for me. It's my therapy. Maybe something will come of it. Maybe not. But hopefully it will be a good read. In the movie Contagion there is a quote about blogging.

“Blogging is not writing. It's just graffiti with punctuation”

So here is my graffiti. Maybe you'll enjoy it. Maybe you won't. It's only your own time you're wasting.

Ramblings of a Pipe Dreamer - my old blog. take a look if you want.

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  1. i love the fact u stayed with the Brader Janggut title!